BIO-Visions Project K.2 is  a biological version of  the interactive video installation consisting on a volumetric device that allows visualization of 3-D objects (in this case,  atoms or molecular surface) and their interaction with the user in real time. Objects are projected onto a pyramidal structure with a LCD monitor, and due to the special geometry of the structure, they look like real 3-D objects floating inside the pyramid for any observer from any direction. The modular design of the components of the structure enables the user to build its own device  DIY (Do It Yourself) .

BIO-Visions Project K.2, molecular display, works with BIO-Blender, a software  package built on the open-source 3D modeling software Blender, and Processing, and uses kinect sensor to interact with the molecular surfaces.


ArtsIT 2013


ArtsIT 2013 – Milano, March 21st-23rd, 2013. The Third International Conference on Arts and Technology

ArtsIT is meant to be a place where people in arts, with a keen interest in modern IT technologies, meet with people in IT, having strong ties to arts in their works. Now in its third edition, ArtsIT has become a leading scientific forum for dissemination of cutting-edge research results in the area of Arts, Design & Technology.

The Milano event will bring together leading researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to present their innovative work and discuss all aspects and challenges in a stimulating environment. The event aims to foster trans-disciplinary alliances and co-operation between IT researchers, artists and industry members as well as to offer artists novel creative tools that expand the grammar of the traditional arts.

The conference represents a valuable opportunity for researchers, artists and industry members both to showcase new, cutting-edge ideas that will shape the future of art and technology, and to gain insights into the innovative techniques and trans-disciplinary activities that are making strong impacts both on the world of the arts and on society at large.

DIY 3-D videohologram device CC

Vision Project is an interactive installation that, inspired by science fiction movies and new digital sets in recent years (Liquid Space Diesel Hologram or Kate Alexander McQueen) uses the aesthetics of digital hologram to create 3D portraits that you can then view as aerial imagery. The installation consists of a disposable transparent pyramid where you see in the center the 3D video  of the people that are approaching. The portrait is processed in real time and displays it in a volume of three-dimensional points that the kinect camera records through a depth sensor based on the spatial coordinates of the public participant. Through this face-tracking of the public, thus converting every face in the portrait will be displayed in the center of the 3D holographic device.

This project began with a prototype built at the Medialab-Prado, digital art center of the city of Madrid, where he was presented in 2012.

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VisionsProject.Kinect version1.0 por Francesca Mereu se encuentra bajo una Licencia Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-CompartirIgual 3.0 Unported.